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Food has been my life since I was old enough to hold a spoon. Even before my Food Science and Culinary Education, I was experimenting at a young age in the kitchen...which I still do today. 

I have always wanted to be a chef, but realized in High School that the chef life wasn't for me. That was when I went on to pursue a Food Science track. I attended Rutgers New Brunswick and graduated with my B.S. in Food Science.


However, it was during my senior year at Rutgers that I had another realization...I didn't want to work on the microscopic level of food, I wanted to combine my knowledge of Food Science with my love of cooking. That was when I decided to attend culinary school.


I went on to complete the 8 month culinary education program at The Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) in NYC. During my time at ICE, I interned in a Test Kitchen developing recipes, which started of my vision for my career within food!

After ICE, I went to work as a contractor in a sweetener application laboratory at Ingredion working with non-nutritive sweetness (like stevia). I worked with applying these "sugars" in foods like ice cream, non-dairy milks, energy drinks and fruit preparations (fruit on the bottom of yogurts). 


After 3 months, my contract was coming to a close, but I luckily landed my first job at Unilever! I was hired as an Associate Food Scientist Product Developer for the Knorr Brand, which I still work for today! My favorite part of my job is when I can take a current product and try to make it better or work on a new innovation! Experimenting with flavors makes me happy :). 

When I am not at work, I cook and experiment in my kitchen. My motto of cooking/eating is everything in moderation with healthy alternatives. I love pasta and buffalo wings, but I know how to prepare them in a way that doesn't make me feel weighed down afterwards. For example, blue cheese sauce for wings can easily be made with greek yogurt which cuts the calories more than half and still gives that desired tangy sauce that everyone loves! 

When I am not cooking, I love exploring new food sites around in the New York Metropolitan area and slowly expanding to all over the United States. I always say that my ultimate dream job would be doing what Anthony Bourdain the world, learn about other food cultures and eat.


Did I mention that I like wine...because I am also a total wino! I appreciate how one wine can possess earthy notes where others can develop after notes of sweet blackberries. Also, it is so fascinating how it pairs with food! Wine may be another path for me in the years to come. Who knows about the where my future may take me; I like to keep my options open and my aspirations high. 

Feeding people and helping others learn to cook with my perspective gives me energy and makes me feel fulfilled. It is my purpose in life to spread this love of food to others. I hope this site can do that for you. 

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